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“Carrera took us from selling 90 new units
a month to over 600, You’ve Gotta Hire
These Guys!”
Jim Arrigo - Arrigo Dodge Chrysler Jeep

arrigo logo

“Since switching to Carrera in January 2012, our sales have increased 25% and is Still climbing! Carrera's advertising ideas truly stand out from all of the competition. Their idea's are new and fresh each and every month. I feel like they have helped us create an identity that stands out. We look forward to having a long lasting relationship with them as they help us continue to grow.”
Matt Lannie - Bill Holt Chevrolet

"We signed on with Carrera & Partners in October of 2012. Every time I call for anything, the turnaround time is amazing to me. I ask for changes, they were made the same day, I ask for help on banner ads; they came through the same day, newspaper, radio and more.

We have seen increased awareness for our dealership. The TV, Print and radio production of Carrera is outstanding. I am so pleased with our partnership with Carrera & Partners, and look forward to more amazing production”
Gloria Powers - Colonial Toyota

“Carrera’s market share analysis determined our sales opportunities was in trucks. They gave us a musical branding statement that defined us as a truck destination and coupled it with creative that positions our benefits over our competitors in a humorous and tactful way. The creative is clever and it connects. They also improved our media dominance. The result has helped make us the #1 Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealer in Utah!”
Chad Rigby - West Valley Dodge

"Since coming on board with Carrera & Partners our business has increased by at least 75%. Carrera brings new, fresh creative ideas to tackle our challenges. The team at Carrera has gone above and beyond in their services from what any agency I have worked with in the past has done, including monitoring calls to our BDC and implementing training to get that department on track. Hands down the service and follow-up is the best in the industry.”
Keith Roberts - Hoover Automotive

"In December 2012, Firkins Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram had the BIGGEST month they've had in Five years. Thanks Carrera!”
John Gross - Firkins Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram