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case studies

We don't like to brag, but we have AWESOME clients!

a bird dog of a different feather

When the owners of Waynesboro Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram challenged us to launch their brand new dealership in Georgia, our research team started digging and discovered that Waynesboro is the Bird Dog capital of the world. The owners had a logo designed incorporating a Bird Dog and wanted to use the tagline “Good To Go.”


Our creative team asked, “What if the mascot of the dealership wasn't an actual Bird Dog, but a dog who wanted to be one?” Enter, Marshall, a Blue Tick Hound who is definitely NOT a Bird Dog! We now had the perfect storyline to engage viewers and deliver the retail message. Combined with a catchy jingle we created to promote the website and the Waynesboro Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram brand was born!


The campaign launched, the community took notice and sales soared! Marshall became the face of the dealership and even has his own Instagram account where he laments his desire to be a Bird Dog. #NotABirdDog

an iconic jingle reborn

If you live in the Baltimore/DC area, you most certainly have heard the iconic jingle from Easterns Automotive Group. They spent millions on a campaign promoting their jingle and trademarked tagline, "Where Your Job is Your Credit." It featured pro football players from the Washington Redskins, as well as comedians, Kevin Pollack and Gilbert Gottfried. The campaign was a huge success and resulted in Easterns Automotive Group being known as the dominate used car and subprime dealership.


When Easterns came to us, they wanted to brand themselves as a pre-owned destination with their main target being used car shoppers with higher beacon scores. We realized the equity of the jingle from their original campaign so we decided to incorporate it into the new spot. We replaced the pro athletes and comedians with people of all different ages, races and nationalities and showed them dancing in their cars to the iconic Easterns Automotive Group jingle!

don't say a word!

What happens when all of your competitors are saying the same thing? You do the opposite and say NOTHING!

Imagine a client requesting that you create a spot that doesn't advertise any price or selection, and in fact, doesn't say anything at all! Well that’s exactly what Chuck Patterson Toyota asked of us and we accepted the challenge!


Our solution was to produce a high energy spot with exciting visuals and upbeat music to showcase how fun driving a new Toyota can be. Consumers immediately responded to the spot and we knew we struck gold!

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