Studies show that allowing dogs in the office lowers stress, increases well-being, and improves things like collaboration and productivity…and we couldn’t agree more!

carrera furbabies

Breed: Yorkie

LIKES: To be pet (but only on his terms), roaming the office looking for food, and growling at Craig when he won't share his lunch!

DISLIKES: When no one in the office gives him food and long meetings that cut into his nap time.

OWNER: Nick Carrera

Breed: Blue Tick Hound

LIKES: Being the mascot for Waynesboro CDJR (no autographs, please!) and having his picture taken.

DISLIKES: Not being a Bird Dog. 

OWNER: Andre Kujawa

Breed: Amstaff & Redbone Coonhound 

LIKES: Belly rubs, eating ice cubes, digging holes in the backyard, and being an Alpha Male (even though he is the only one who thinks that!)

DISLIKES: Thunderstorms, rain, and basically any noise he doesn't recognize (some Alpha Male, huh?!)

OWNER: Kelly Javitt

Breed: Bull Terrier

LIKES: Food, being outside in the garden, tickles on his butt butt, and car rides.

DISLIKES: Squirrels, being home alone, and having his ears cleaned and nails clipped.

OWNER: Craig Faulds

Breed: Dachshund

LIKES: Getting attention from people in the office (especially Gary), fetching her toys, and car rides.

DISLIKES: Loud noises, getting her nails trimmed, and when Viviana is working and can't play with her.

OWNER: Viviana Moreno

Ranger & Abby
Breed: Beagles

LIKES: Scenting deer, digging holes, Puppy Bar fights, head scratches, car rides, snacks, and more snacks!  Baaroooo!

DISLIKES: Being separated, being too short, and waiting for anything!

OWNER: Mary Martel

Breed: Basenji

LIKES: Long walks, chasing squirrels, intimidating other dogs, and eating crumbs off the floor.

DISLIKES: Water, cold weather, and not being the center of attention.

OWNER: Wilfredo Segui

Breed: Boxer/Beagle Mix

LIKES: Car rides, long walks, chasing (hunting) lizards and squirrels, playing fetch with her tennis ball, belly rubs, and zoom zooms around the house.

DISLIKES: When Dad gives other puppies attention (she is super jealous!), baths, vacuums (her life long rival!), and being left at home when Dad goes to work.

OWNER: David Joerg

Silver & Rocco
Breed: Afghan Hound & Siberian Husky

Silver LIKES: Knowing he is the KING OF THE DOGS, getting admired, squirrels, walks, running at full speed, pet paradise, and cuddling. 

Rocco LIKES: Escaping , going for a run/walk, playing with his squeaky toys, swimming, 
going after ducks, and getting attention in the mornings.  

Silver DISLIKES: Getting groomed and not getting attention.

Rocco DISLIKES: Fireworks and storms.

OWNER: Tobias Baucom

Breed: Afghan Hound

LIKES: Chasing squirrels, running, cuddling, and getting into trouble.  

DISLIKES: Not being able to catch the squirrels.

OWNER: Tobias Baucom