Studies show that allowing dogs in the office lowers stress, increases well-being, and improves things like collaboration and productivity…and we couldn’t agree more!

carrera furbabies

Breed: Yorkie

LIKES: To be pet (but only on his terms), roaming the office looking for food, and growling at Craig when he won't share his lunch!

DISLIKES: When no one in the office gives him food and long meetings that cut into his nap time.

OWNER: Nick Carrera

Breed: Blue Tick Hound

LIKES: Being the mascot for Waynesboro CDJR (no autographs, please!) and having his picture taken.

DISLIKES: Not being a Bird Dog. 

OWNER: Andre Kujawa

Breed: Amstaff & Redbone Coonhound 

LIKES: Belly rubs, eating ice cubes, digging holes in the backyard, and being an Alpha Male (even though he is the only one who thinks that!)

DISLIKES: Thunderstorms, rain, and basically any noise he doesn't recognize (some Alpha Male, huh?!)

OWNER: Kelly Javitt

Breed: Bull Terrier

LIKES: Food, being outside in the garden, tickles on his butt butt, and car rides.

DISLIKES: Squirrels, being home alone, and having his ears cleaned and nails clipped.

OWNER: Craig Faulds

Breed: Dachshund

LIKES: Getting attention from people in the office (especially Gary), fetching her toys, and car rides.

DISLIKES: Loud noises, getting her nails trimmed, and when Viviana is working and can't play with her.

OWNER: Viviana Moreno

Ranger & Abby
Breed: Beagles

LIKES: Scenting deer, digging holes, Puppy Bar fights, head scratches, car rides, snacks, and more snacks!  Baaroooo!

DISLIKES: Being separated, being too short, and waiting for anything!

OWNER: Mary Martel

Breed: Basenji

LIKES: Long walks, chasing squirrels, intimidating other dogs, and eating crumbs off the floor.

DISLIKES: Water, cold weather, and not being the center of attention.

OWNER: Wilfredo Segui

Breed: Boxer/Beagle Mix

LIKES: Car rides, long walks, chasing (hunting) lizards and squirrels, playing fetch with her tennis ball, belly rubs, and zoom zooms around the house.

DISLIKES: When Dad gives other puppies attention (she is super jealous!), baths, vacuums (her life long rival!), and being left at home when Dad goes to work.

OWNER: David Joerg

Breed: Imperial Shih-Tzu

LIKES: Her family & people in general, food & treats, and being scratched all over.

DISLIKES: Being home alone (requires the radio or TV to be left on!), going to the Vet, and the fact that her cat sister, Sheena, doesn't like her and hisses at her.

OWNER: Debbie Mattison

Silver & Rocco
Breed: Afghan Hound & Siberian Husky

Silver LIKES: Knowing he is the KING OF THE DOGS, getting admired, squirrels, walks, running at full speed, pet paradise, and cuddling. 

Rocco LIKES: Escaping , going for a run/walk, playing with his squeaky toys, swimming, 
going after ducks, and getting attention in the mornings.  

Silver DISLIKES: Getting groomed and not getting attention.

Rocco DISLIKES: Fireworks and storms.

OWNER: Tobias Baucom

Breed: Afghan Hound

LIKES: Chasing squirrels, running, cuddling, and getting into trouble.  

DISLIKES: Not being able to catch the squirrels.

OWNER: Tobias Baucom