It takes a special person to be a successful media buyer… This person has to be impregnable and likable, simultaneously. Professional negotiators? Check. Market Specialists? Oh, you bet… But these experts don’t stop there; they’re constantly on the prowl to learn even more than they already know (which better explains the excessive coffee drinking and recycling bin full of empty energy drinks.) Through special research tools such as POLK, Cross Sell, Autocount, & Scarbourough, the studying never stops; and lucky for us, we have an ensemble of teammates that fit perfectly into this niche. Our media department is always one step ahead of the game, ensuring that our clients are placing their ads when & where their customers are listening. In other words, ensuring that our clients are getting more bang for their buck… More bling for the ring… More bounce for the ounce… However you wanna’ say it, you’ll find it to be true with our handpicked dream team of Media Guru’s.